Short Week Workout

Six staggered out of the fartsack for the commencement of the work week following a Memorial Day weekend. The goal was to chip away at the additional calories that were consumed in a butt-kicker of a workout.


Mosey, SSH, plank jacks, arm circles, merkins, Abe Vigodas

The Thang

Walking lunges, mountain climbers, and walking lunges over to the basketball court

(short pause to pick up trash)

Basketball Court Burner

Three set of partner work:

  • 100 individual push-ups while partner runs up and back
  • 50 individual burpees while partner side shuffle up and back
  • 100 individual crab cakes while partner runs up and back backwards

between sets 20 squats and a walking recovery lap around the basketball court. after final set, 25 dips in cadence.


Count-o-rama / Name-o-rama