Sad Clowns no more!

The Daily Red Pill

Why do we wake in the early morning hours known as the Gloom to the Lexicon purveyors? Seriously, there are a million reasons to stay in the container named the fartsack next to the M and steal some warmth from her for another hour. Yet some still make the effort to unpartake the fartsack and venture into the Gloom to sweat with other men. Completely irrational. I don’t understand you guys!

Wait, I am one of those guys. I wake three times a week to lock shields with a group of men that share the opportunity of comfort yet want to lock with my shield. We choose the Daily Red Pill. These men are forming a bond that is undeniable. Even though you guys stink after, some of you during the workout, I love coming to meet with you men of F3 Lehigh Valley, and my M loves the man you are helping me become.

Below is a link to the Q School topic of the Daily Red Pill. Please take a few moments of your busy day to read through this for some wisdom.

DRP (Q1.2)


lap then warmy stuff plus 20 Merkins

To honor the game of basketball and the NCAA tournament we will be doing the tournament challenge. Here is how it works: Each bracket has a number of teams, those are the reps. The exercises are listed below. Sprint to the last car in the parking lot and bear crawl back. Plank for the six.

64 Squats


32 Merkins


16 DM Burpees (double Merkins)


8 Lunges per leg


4 CDD (Carolina Dry Docks)


2 staggered Merkins per side


1 lap around park

32+32+4+4= 72 Merkins per Round

Dealers Choice – Each PAX chose an exercise and count of 10.

Burpees, Crabcakes, Abe Vagodas, Jumping Bean Merkins, knee touches, Merkin Burnout

+ 45 Merkins

Merkin Total = 137

COT: COR/NOR/FNG/Announcements


The FNG is  from somewhere north of some border and likes a game where dudes skate around like those dancing ice skater people, but they carry a stick and run into each other a lot. Oh yeah and they hit this round thing that looks like a thick beer coaster with their sticks. And there is actually a guy that volunteers to be their target! Weird, I know. So we named him Puck.