Rodale Run Around

With a balmy 39 degree morning the PAX was a little sweaty and stinky at the conclusion of the workout. Man I have to learn to keep my distance. There was a great turnout regardless of the stench with 10 PAX plus one FNG, good work Neon. Here is what we did:

The Warm-o-rama

Mosey to the track for a warm-o-rama

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Grass Pickers x 15
  • Arm Circles x 10 ea fwd and rev
  • Hip stretch hold


Mosey to the Fred J Jaindl Elementary School park.

  • Lunge walk 3/4 around the double basketball court
    • plank for six
  • Side Shuffle the short side and Karaoke the long side for one lap
    • plank for six
  • Swing Set MerkINS
    • Feet on the swing in a Merkin position. Do a push up. At the top of the push up bring knees to your chest for one rep
  • Monkey Bar Traverse
    • One trip accross the monkey bars
  • Repeat Swing Set MerkINS and Monkey Bar Traverse
  • Balls to the Wall for 30 seconds

Mosey back to the track

  • Berp and Merk Crawl Ladder
    • Bear crawl uphill, 5 burpees, run down hill, 5 merkins. Rinse and repeat subtracting a repetition each time.

Mosey to spot for the Run portion of the PFT from Tuesday, There was a bench along the way so each of us did 10 dips.

  • PAX  starts running around a 0.6 mile track for 15 minutes. The distance traveled in those 15 minutes was recorded and will be included in the PFT next time.
    • The results:
      • Flame – 2.5 laps – 1.5 miles
      • Neon – 3.5 laps – 2.1 miles
      • Zebra – 2 laps – 1.2 miles
      • Dropbox – 2.5 laps – 1.5 miles
      • Uptown Girl – __ laps – 2.12 miles
      • Zena – 2 laps – 1.2 miles
      • Cooter – 2 laps – 1.2 miles
      • Streaker – __ laps – 2.12 miles
      • Colombia – 3 laps – 1.8 miles
      • FNG (Slash) – 3/4 laps – 0.4 miles

The PFT Run statistics will be included in the original post for the PFT and used in the next TEST:


Tuesday workout: 5:30 – 6:15 am at The Bear Swamp (AKA Macungie Memorial Park). Qic is Zena for his Virgin Q. Come out to support this HIM and get a little dirty (that is what he said, just sayin).

Reminder: Send Uptown Girl your 2017 committments. Here is a guide and look for a reminder via email soon.

1. Your Vision
2. Your Direction
3. Your Goals
4. Your Commitments

Drop Box will be setting up a ruck hike at bear creek in the near future with a hiking guide to show up the way. The PAX seemed very interested. More information to follow about rucking and the event.

Talked about @F3TBone and his daughter Anne’s injury and how the F3 Nation reached out to them during this difficult circumstance. That time was used to reinforce the power of brotherhood and what F3 Nation stands for. It is an amazing testament to the organization we are a part of. BZ F3!


FNG – Jason was named Slash due to his love of the hair band Cinderella. We could not think of the guitar player’s name in Cinderella, or anyone’s for that matter so we named him after the Guns and Roses guitar player Slash. In hindsight the F3 name Cindy would have been more appropriate.

Prayers for Flame’s M’s shoulder, Colombia’s Aunt’s health, and all prayers not mentioned.