Rocking Moutain

Seven Pax met this morning at Trexler Park, Allentown PA in the snow, sleet, and rain.  One inch of snow had just about covered the path.  Disclaimer given then mosey.


Sungods, goofballs, merkins, dolly, flutters, WWI, air chair squared, windmill abe vogoda style, monkey humpers, alabama ass kickers, mountain climbers, SSH.

The Thang

Mosey to the Bermuda Merkin Triangle.  Along the path is a triangle split.  Start at 1 corner, do 1 merkin, bear crawl to top of triangle for 2 merkins, bear crawl to next corner do 3 merkins.  Keep going until you complete 12 merkins.  It’s only 78 merkins in total, but man what a burn and hands to start to go numb in the snow after about 40 merkins.

Note:  Trexler Park is over a 100 acre park in the West End of Allentown with miles of paved trails for walking, biking, and running.

Mosey along the trail, over the first bridge and stop at the first bench for step ups. (10 each leg).  Might as well make use of the bench and give our arms a rest.  Mosey or sprint to along the trail to the next bench (300 yards) and do 20 dips and SSH until six.  Pax looks up and sees the mountain or hill in front of them.  We spring (mosey) to the base of the steepest part of hill.  It’s time for Burp Back Mountain.   Pax partners up.  1 guy runs up hill 120 yards backwards.  When he reaches the top he runs down hill forward.  Partner is doing burpees until he returns.  Race 100 burpee team count or 5 times up the mountain to complete.  Now it’s time to go see a man about a horse.

Mosey to top of mountain to see a man sitting on a horse look off the top of the mountain.  The man we meet is General Henry C. Trexler.  Each of reads the inscription on the monument of this great local historical leader.  Henry contributed a great deal to the growth and quality of life in the City of Allentown.  After attending seminary and his father’s death he expanded his father’s lumber company that became the largest in the East.  He also organized one of the largest cement producers in the world.  He served n the staff of six different PA governors and was appointed Colonel to PA National Guard.   A man of great vision and inspiration for all of us.  What a view from the horse!  Break Time Over.  Back to work.

Mosey out of the park to the City of Allentown’s rock pile.  There we carefully selected 7 rocks and formed a circle of pain.  Each pax held their rock out straight and did a 10 count around the circle.  Drop the rock.  Move to the right, pick up the next guys rock.  Shovel the rock from left to right 10 reps.  Drop rock, move the right, pick up next guys rock.  Shovel the rock from right to left 10 reps.  Drop rock, move the right, pick up next guys rock.  Figure Eight with rock 10 count.  Then form a straight line with back facing the rock pile.  Now it’s time to release the rocks in our life.  Sin, hurt, failure, pain, or anything holding you back.  Ten count squat and heave the rock in your life over your head into the pile.

Mosey back to the trail trying to avoid the City of Allentown road crew who reminded us this was not part of the Park.  Official warning received we should not return to rock pile.  Who knew?  Obviously he didn’t know were F3 and therefore disclaimed all liability.  Running out of time, with 6 minutes left and about a half a mile to get back to the shovel flag.  We sprint to each bench about 200 yards apart.  Once first pax reached, circle back to 6.  Repeat until get to the Shovel Flag.  Independent Mary until 6 arrives.

Counterama = 7

Namerama – no FNG’s

Cricle of Trust – praise God for the day and thank him for the strength to remove the the rocks in our life.