Pottstown Block Party Intervals

Conditions: 70F, Clear, Low Humidity


Warm Up:
-SSH’s x30 IC
-Parker Peters x20 IC
-IW’s x15 IC

-Mosey to church parking lot
-Bobby Hurley’s x20 IC
-The PAX then proceeded to do intervals (sprinting the short end of the blocks, and slower mosey on the long sections). The PAX did this around the two blocks near the AO. The PAX stopped after each interval at the church parking lot for further pain consisting of:
-Stop 1 – Seal Jacks x20 IC
-Stop 2 – Crunchy Frogs x20 IC
-Stop 3 – Air Presses x25 IC
-Stop 4 – Plank Jacks x20 IC

In all, the PAX did 3.2 miles before stopping back at the Roller Mill

-Sweat Angels x25 IC

-Prayers for BamBam and family that used to attend Hershey’s church (daughter in car accident)
-Prayers for Feeney’s brother and potential adopting

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