Plank Therapy

Eight of the Valley’s Finest brought the wood this morning at the Beehive.  A combination of physical therapy- inspired excercises and group plank work followed.  Yes, the planks were real- ask the guys that dropped them on thier toes….   Dropbox was the Last Man Standing- Tally-Ho!!

F3 Workout    “Plank Therapy”                                            May 6, 2017   0630 at the Beehive

Welcome to F3. Circle low 5’s, Any FNGs?

Disclaimer: We are a Men Only, Free, Outdoor, Peer Led workout group. We are all here by our own free will and we will exercise at our own risk- Aye? We are not professionals, there is no shame in modifying any exercise as needed, we give our best, we do not leave anybody behind (or leave you where you were), and we end each workout with a Circle of Trust!

“Plank Therapy”

Warmarama (near the shovel flag)

  • Raise the roof                  calf raises with shoulder presses      12 in slow cadence            
  • Pendulums                                                                                   12 in slow cadence
  • Lunge stretches with arm curls/ chest pumps                          10 in cadence per leg                       
  • Puddle Jumpers with hold                                                          30 sec each leg                      
  • Squat taps                                                                                                1 minute



The Thang (lower parking lot)

Can I get a “Tally-Ho!”

Plank Shuffles                                    3 to a plank, hold plank out, squat 10 count, shuffle to end

                                                Recover, 10 count return to start


Plank Curls                             3 to a plank, someone call out the Up count, 30 curls


Plank Lunges                          3 to a plank, plank above head, squat for 10 count, front lunge

                                                To end, recover, 10 count return to start


Plank Rows                             3 to a plank, someone call out the Up count, 30 rows



Moser Pavilion

Lat stretch, forearm stretch             Perspective: being injured forced me to stop and think about the things I take for granted- to be able to be active, that I can get in and out of the shower, that I have a hot shower twice a day if I need to… When life gets tough with any kind of set back- it’s good to re- focus our priorities around God’s perspective.

 James 1:17

Hanging Crunches                             hang from beam, knees up left, center, right=1, 15 total,

                                                            Hillbillies to modify


Single leg bridges                              12 in slow cadence, switch

Incline merkins                                  22 for our troops, someone call out Down command

Single leg dead lifts                           opposite hand down to foot,   12 on your own, switch, Karate Kids for 6

Last man standing                             one set of merkins- all you got to exhaustion, knees touch you’re done, happy feet/ cheer on the “6”, modify as needed

ZYX’s                                                   on the tables, zyx’s

Recover. Tables back as they were.


(lower parking lot)

Plank lines                                          2 lines of 3 planks, balance on one leg, pass the plank with hands on top (no pinched fingers), when you are free, sprint to front. On the way back switch leg, backwards run

Three Minute Warning                     6 stations, 2 guys at each station, 30 seconds at each station, you determine how hard to push yourself. Station 1: scissor jacks. Station 2: Goofballs.

Station 3: Mountain Climbers. Station 4: Frankensteins.

Station 5: Hillbillies. Station 6: Side step-ups


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