Beautiful morning; disclaimer verbally accepted by all.

Warm -up: OYO – 5x open the gate.  IC – 10-20 reps, imperial walkers, toy soldiers, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, monkey humpers, overhead claps, Moroccan night clubs, SSH, Peter Parkers and lunges.

One mile Indian run.

The Thang: Positive Habit Transfer (PHT). PAX lined up at one end of the parking lot.  Each PAX had two 15 LB. dumbbells. One at a time they reported a positive habit to the group, and then took a dumbbell to the opposite end of the parking lot, placed it on the ground in the shape of an “F” and a “3,” and then jogged back to the starting point.  While they were placing their dumbbells at the opposite end of the parking lot, the rest of the PAX performed an exercise until the jogger returned.  Exercises included: back flys, chest flys, overhead press, curls, swings, skull crushers, tricep press, Merkins, WWI, American hammers, squats, crab cakes, back rows, and side plank.

Clean-up: PAX Mosey to dumbbells. Lunge walk back to starting point, alternating six parking spaces with dumbbells pressed overhead, and six parking spaces of farmers carry. Plank for the six.  All PAX 5 man makers.

COT: COR, NOR, announcements and prayer requests.

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