Patriot games2: The clown car took our Pax!

The Trojan was temporarily renamed The Flying Camp. (Reserve regimen mostly from PA that protected NY and NJ during the revolutionary war)
10 SSH, 10 Abe Vigodas, 1776 run (one mile loop with 1-7-7-6 burpees at each of the quarter miles.
The Thang:
Began with Independence Ladders: (Jacob’s Ladder starting at 7/4)
Squats then bear crawl to the top then merkins. Followed by incline and decline merkin sets.
Merica march: 76 lunge walk steps from the pavilion to the playground
17s: 3 Sets of 5 pull-ups followed by 17 LBCs, 17 Hello Dolly’s, 17 Freddy Mercury’s,
2 more pull-ups (Gotta make 17) and 17 low slow flutters
76s: 50 inverted rows and 26 in and out merkins with feet on the swing.
Another Merica March.
6 min of Mary: 10 cadence American Hammers, 7 cadence box cutters, 7 V ups, 6 low good form WWIIs, and then American Hammer for 1 min to finish.
Lessons for the day: 2 man workouts are great for getting to know someone (great to meet you Mr. Brady). 2 man workouts suck because there is only one other person and he is finishing the set so you can’t quit.