Near Naked Post

The PAX met in the 36 degree gloom as the sun was peaking it’s head out at Lone Lane Park.  I think everyone underestimated the time it would take to get the frost of their windshields, because half the PAX rolled in at 6:59 and Neon’s sponsored FNG showed up before he did.  It would have been our first NAKED POST, had the FART SACK nabbed Neon.  (Naked Post – is when FNG shows up, but sponsor does not.)


Hillbillies X20 ic, Sungods X20 ic, SSH x 20ic, Monkey Humpers X20 ic, Mountain Climbers x 20 ic

The PAX partnered up for 5 circuits. Each circuit was completed twice before moving on to the next. Partners alternated each exercise. After each partner has completed each exercise…Lap around the Pavilion

Circuit 1: Alt Shld Tap Push Lieutenant Dans (Lunge Walk) 10 yards down and back.
Circuit 2: Merkins 100X Cooperhead Squats 5X (alt 5 Wojo Squats complete)
Circuit 3: Dips 150X Duck Walks 10 yards down and back
Circuit 4: Burpees 50 Bear Crawls 10 yards down and back


Circuit 5: Carolina Dry Docks – Crab Walks – 10 yards down and bck

Half a Six Pack – 1 pull-up, 5 merkins, 2 pull, 4 merkins, 3 pull, 3 merkins, 4 pull, 2 merkins, 5 pull, 1 merkin

Mosey to center basketball court

MARY  – Slow Low Flutters X 15 IC

Counterama -6

Namearama – Brian Miller now Sensai and Zach is now Kit Kat

Circle of Trust

Announcements:  Next work out Flame is leading us Macungie Park 5:30am on Tuesday.  Jump on Slack and our F3 Lehigh Valley Facebook Page to stay connected.