Looking for cones in the dark.

Disclaimer given, Warmarama was Side straddle hops,Abe vigodas,merkins,grass pickers, Peter Parker’s, overhead claps.Next a short mosey around the loop and up the drive in search of the first cone to start our suicides.After eventually finding the cone in the dark we started.Ten burpees,ten merkins,ten big boy sit ups,ten squats Then run out and back to the first cone Then 9 of the same exercises and run out to the second cone and back.This went on until we ran out and back to the fifth cone decreasing the exercises by one each time.Then we ran out to the fourth cone, third cone etc.Eventually,we finished where we started with one exercise of each.Different speeds, different modifying but a good sweat for all.Then we Moseyed back the way we came and circled up for a round of Mary.We closed with numberama9,a good turnout, namarama, announcements including the opening of Catty on Saturday.Prayers for Cougars friend Greg and his dad, Zena’s brother and family,and Timmy Ho’s wife’s biggest event design with a crunch set up time and thanks for the fellowship and strength from God throughout our day.In closing,it was a beautiful morning and a great way to start it and for me,a privilege to Q this morning.

Number of FNGs: Zero

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