Legends In The Making

All PAX arrived at Macungie Park, PA in the gloom for what would be a trying strength workout.

A video call to the Fort for Dark Helmet made.  No luck.

After a quick warmup, we completed a Wilt Chamberlain in honor of the only 100-point basketball game in NBA history. After the Wilt, we moseyed to the pavilion for an upper body workout.
We Moseyed and …
Goofball 20 IC
Stinky feet 20 IC
Frank and Beans 20 IC
Then we took a fast mosey to complete …

THE THANG — Wilt Chamberlains
Each exercise is separated by 100-yard run
LBCs 100
Squats 100
Flutter Kicks 100 {50/side}
Lunges 100 {50/side}
Merkins 100
Hail Marys 10*2
Calf Raises 30*2
Lungemaster 10/side
Lindsays–dips/Merkins 30/15-25/20-20/25-15/30


Count_O_Rama – 4 PAX and Name-O-Rama Neon, Uptown Girl, Columbia, Flame

Announcements: Saturday 7:00 workout, AO TBD

A quick prayer followed the COT.

3 thoughts on “Legends In The Making

  1. Shout out to the Mustard Seeds! Great job Uptown Girl! Btw…I believe Wilt Chamberlain pulled off that 100 point game there in PA at Hershey (If I’m not mistaken). Anyway, keep up the good work brother. Noticed you’re about 2.5 hours away from me. We might have to try to throw down some crazy convergence sometime in the future. Aye!

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