IronPax Preview Beatdown

F3 Valley Forge
Reeves Park, Blast Furnace AO, Thursday 5:30 AM
: 71 and very humid, overcast, and  GLOOMY (the sun did not show up!)
Q : Spike
Beatdown : 5 PAX Posted

Disclaimer was given, “Ayes” were said after YHC mentioned we will do stupid things this morning.

5 men posted for an “IronPax Preview” beatdown by Spike.  YHC realized that we needed a reminder as to what the IronPax challenge was all about, so he brought back Week 2 of 2018 IronPax, modified for the 45 minute timeframe.

– 10x arm circles IC
– Overhead arm stretches / across the body arm stretches
– 15x Abe Vigodas IC
– 15x Sprinklers IC
– 20x Side Straddle Hops (SSH) IC

Baatan Death March around Reeves Park, with the PAX at the rear performing 10 merkins, and then catching up to the front.  (about 0.3 miles)

The Thang :
Each round was 5 minutes, AMRAP with approximately 1 minute planking in between.
After 25 reps, run 25 yards to the 3rd baseline and back.
Each exercise was demonstrated for proper form.
– Round 1 : Goblet Squats with coupon
– Round 2 : Arm Curls with coupon
– Round 3 : Kettle Bell Swings with coupon
– Round 4: Man Makers with coupon (burpees with cinder blocks are fun!)

We didn’t get to Round 5 (Around the World w/ coupon), but it was demonstrated!
(Side note : that exercise wasn’t part of IronPax in 2018, but I found it on a great Cinder Block exercise website and it looked cool!)

6MOM / Mary :
– 20x Heels to Heaven IC
– 10x Superman Swims IC
– 20x Freddy Mercury IC

Count-o-rama : 5
Nam-o-Rama (no FNGs)

Words of Wisdom :
YHC readily admits he found these online, and did not make these up himself, but they sure sounded good when I saw them :
1) Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment before you respond or act.  This is very important at home with your family, as well as work – or anywhere!
2) How you act when not at your peak defines you.  If you act out when you’re stressed out, not feeling well, or in difficult situations – try to make a positive change of your attitude.
3) “We are all broken individuals just trying to make ourselves better.” (Quote attributed to F3 Dark Helmet).  We are working out trying to reach beyond ourselves, not just physically.
4) F3 Lexicon word : DOLPHIN : The Task a person was born to do best.  Our God gave us each specific talents.  Use them for others, for your community, for F3 – for someone other than yourself!

Announcements :
– We will perform the IronPax challenge each Saturday in September.  Make sure to sign up!
– F3 Lehigh Valley Manniversary coming on 09/03.  Spike is driving, as well are a few others to represent F3 Valley Forge.

Circle of Trust / Ball of Man

YHC forgot to take an early morning picture. 🙁