Inaugural Fleetwood Beast-Mode Games are here!!

Six PAX showed up and gathered round a newly-reinforced shovel flag that has been standing

tall..ish….since YHC reinforced it with some screws following the unfortunate windy morning

incident last week.  Had 1 or 2 late comers as we circled up for a dose of

Warmuparama: Goofballs x 20 IC, grasspickser x5 OYO, SSHx 20 IC

YHC introduced the Beast Mode Games, which was to be a rare completion against fellow PAX with the winner going home with the little beast (a beautiful trophy). After showing the trophy to what I can

only describe as a semi-interested crowd, we moseyed (YHC with a whiteboard in tow) to the basketball court..

The Thang:   Beast-Mode Games

Station 1:  2 meter sprint x2 (across park and back) timed

Station 2:  Merkins  AMRAP 2 mins.

Station 3:  Burpees  AMRAP 2 mins.

Station 4: Situps  AMRAP 2 mins.

Station 5: Bear Crawl   Distance in 2 mins

Station 6:  Crab Walk Distance in 2 misn.

Station 7:  People’s Chair  as long as you can hold it.

YHC recorded all times and Treehugger left with the little beast after a well fought battle from all involved.  All PAX made the medal stand in at least one event   Treehugger was encouraged to display the trophy prominently on his mantle and recite stories of his victory to his M and 2.0 and 2.1 by the fire side.  He will give the PAX a chance to reclaim the prize sometime in the future.

It was a great workout, great sportsmanship



Bogey Out