Hump Day Hullapaloo

Five of Fleewood’s most resilient PAX posted in the early morning Fleetwood gloom for a midweek, muscle-blasting, melee of men, meeting and marauding through the…okay that’s enough.  YHC arrived nice and early to set up the battle field and plant the flag, Demo arrived shortly after and 3 more came in hot just under the gun.  After some brief hellos we circled up and things ensued as follows:

Disclaimer (including the addendum regarding suing, not suing, etc.)

Circle up for the first part of Warmuparama:   SSH x20 IC, Grass Pickers x5, Goofballs x20 IC..

line up single file for Indian Run around perimeter of Park (it occurred to YHC that it is challenging doing an Indian Run with rotating front-men when only YHC knows the ultimate destination)  we found it though, and it was the basketball court..where we circled up for the second part of Warmuparama:  Plank Jacks x15 IC, Huggy Bears OYO (YHC spoke briefly about “finishing strong, a theme at the FBC men’s retreat over the weekend”) …

move to pavilion for some Irkins x10 IC, Derkins x10 IC…rest for brief moment..

mosey to playground parking lot for

The Thang Part 1:

Plank Hurdles:  Pax 1 sprints to edge of grass and planks on elbows, Pax 2 sprints and leaps over P1 and Planks 10 yards past, continue….Other Pax SSH until it was there time to run in and plank…

Rinse and repeat until we reached the other end of park (almost)….

then we lined up side by side, arms over our brother’s shoulder on each side, group lunge walk back toward the starting point…

about half-way back we started merkin bear crawl:  Werkin x5 followed by 10 count bear crawl, Merkin x5 followed by 10 count bear crawl, Diamond merkin x5 followed by narrow hand bear crawl rinse and repeat back to starting point…for

The Thang Part 2 (Charles Bronson) :

4 exercises at start line (SSH x50, Merkins x50, burpees x25, Jump Squats x 25)

Complete 1st exercise, sprint to bucket (approx. 100 yds out), bear crawl to second bucket (10 yards farther), mosey back for second exercise…continue until all exercises done….

“sprint” back to shovel flag for ABLAB (Freddy Merc., ABCs, LBCs)


Bogey out