Greetings from Blackrock

We were up bright and early in the Lancaster County gloom, bringing three fng’s to the workout.

We met at 6 a.m. in front of the Oakwood Lodge at the hilly Black Rock Retreat Center. Downsize handled the warm-up and Mani brought the beatdown, taking our time as we introduced the noobs to F3 and its purposes. All agreed to disclaimer and we got to it.

Warmorama: (OYO) Casey Kasem, neck and trunk rolls, toe touches, (IC) Abe Vigodas, mountain climbers, Peter Parker’s, Merkins, Imperial walkers, and then a 1/4 mile Mosey.

Bench work: inclined push ups, dips, five by five, with three circuits at some near by picnic benches.

Mosey to Stairs Circuit: 20 each of squats, monkey humpers, and some other thing that I forgot, with a two-flight stairs climb circuit between each. Mosey back to Lodge.

Catch Me If You Can: partner up for Bear crawl and 20 merkins.

Mary: leg lifts, flutter kicks, Freddie Mercury’s, LBCs.

COR, NOR, COT, during which we named the three fng’s. Please welcome King of Queens, Grizzly Adams, and Medicine Man!

Mani closed us in Prayer.

Number of FNGs: 3

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