Gobble Wobble

Gobble Wobble

         The PAX showed up on the Thanksgiving holiday for one last workout before the feast that is to be. Studies show the average person eats 4500 calories on Thanksgiving day. WOW! Just wow. With this kind of indulgence it is no wonder we have an obesity problem in this country. And I too am guilty of overeating on this holiday. As a matter of fact, despite my greatest efforts I will probably overeat later today. No will power, sad.

          Visiting us today is DR PAX @F3PedroMB from @F3Whiteville, NC and he brought his 70 year old (RESPECT) Father-in-law. Good way to get on his bad err good side. Hacker @Faron_MS from F3 Charlotte who brought along his 61 year old (RESPECT) brother in law. He already hated you anyway.

         The Thanksgiving workout will be a tradition here @F3LehighValley for years to come. We come together as brothers to give thanks for the things we believe we are blessed with. F3 is based on the premise that “I am 3rd.” That means your creator is first, your community is second, and you are third. Often expressed as IM3. With this premise in mind think about two things you are thankful for in each category. For the third part (you) think about your strengths and which ones you are thankful for.

         Of course there will be a downPAINment for all of the indulgence to take place later today. So on with the punishment…


Mosey for a lap then … 15 each:

  • Sun Gods
  • SSH
  • Merkins
  • Wind Mills
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Mountain Climbers

The Thang

MSB4/15 (My Silly Brothers, err no … Merkin, Squat, Burpee, 4 Corners on double basketball court): Sprint to each corner write in chalk and then do 15 each exercise. Hold plank on home (corner 4) for six.

Corner 1=Merkins, 2=Squats, 3=Burpees

  1. Round 1: Something you are grateful for from your creator.
  2. Round 2: Something you are grateful for from you community.
  3. Round 3: Something you are grateful for about yourself.
    • Rinse around track then some pull up work
      • round 1 – half the PAX did 5 pull ups and the other half did dips
      • Flapjack and repeato
      • Round 2  – half the PAX did 5 pull ups and the other half did Crab cakes
      • Flapjack and repeato
      • Back to the basketball court for the next set…
  4. Round 4: Something you gave this year.
  5. Round 5: Something you received this year.
  6. Round 6: Something you want to give next year.



1st F — Next workout Sat 5:45-6:45, VQ=Sensei, AO – East Texas Park.

2nd/3rd F— Men’s Breakfast after the workout at Bethany Church in Wescosville, 7-8:30.

3rd F — Volunteer at Allentown Rescue Mission to serve dinner on a Tuesday in December. Q – Neon

Prayer for gratitude this year and all of our F3 brothers.


Happy Thanksgiving Brothers. It is an honor to lead you all and be a part of this brotherhood with you. Thanks to the Down Range PAX for bringing some guest this morning and join us for the beatdown. Great work men.