Fired Up In Las Vegas

YHC showed up at 5:20 am at Charlies Frias Park in Las Vegas, NV.  I know temperature was the envy of all my Lehigh Valley PAX (49 degrees).  This Park has so much to offer an F3 workout it’s not even funny.  (Fields, 1K paved loop, lots of stairs, grass hills, benches, parking spaces, etc.). This 150 acre Park is 2.9 miles from Mandalay Bay Hotel and most Cab and Uber Drivers never heard of it.  Not to mention a Starbucks Coffee literally at the corner of the Park.

So at 5:25 am a guy pulls up and I get really excited.  I start walking towards him and he goes the other way.  I say, Hey!…wave and he kept on walking.  To be safe, not judgmental I decided that EH’ing someone with hair that went half way down their back was not a good idea.  Plus no F3 sticker on his car.  So at 5:30am, I disclosed myself and mosey to the other end of the Park to make sure their is no one waiting near the playground. (Note this was a 1/4 mile mosey to the playground).

On my way to the playground, I see two cars coming out of playground area (one way – no other entrance to playground area), so I am thinking maybe these are F3 guys, no one stops their car or pauses to ask if I am looking for an F3 workout.  When I get to the other side of the Park, I turn around and see a car pulled in.  I mosey back to start.

Now I look down and see two guys jogging around this track, so i figure it’s time to get to EH’ng. I motor up along side a guy, and start a conversation.  I tell him my story and the F3 story.   We run together for 30 minutes (4K) and I talk him into doing 15 minutes of bootcamp with me.  Disclosure given.

The Thang  – In Cadence x 10 each

  1. Sungods
  2. Goofballs
  3. Air Squared
  4. Merkins
  5. Dolly
  6. Flutters
  7. Alabama Ass Kickers
  8. Abe Vagoda Windmill
  9. Monkey Humpers
  10. Mountain Climbers
  11. SSH

Counterama = 2

Namerama  – (1  FNG) Open Season (formerly Boones)

COT – It was explained, but missed in hustle to finish.  God only knows why he put me in a Park in Las Vegas to meet a man named Gary Stevenson who is an Instructor at Clark County Fire Department.  Gary has only ever worked out at that park maybe twice before in his life.  His home is 17 miles away from the Park.  Gary’s responsible for the support and safety of over 600 fire fighters.  He leads them in physical training exercises. He told me he likes to kick young guys butts for a living.  (or at least for 8 to 9 weeks until their fitness level matches their age more appropriately) This week just happened to be a down week between when his last class of firefighters graduated and his next class starts.    Beyond everything he told me about himself on our 30 minute run, he loves the outdoors so I went with the nickname Boones for Daniel Boones.  Then as he was leaving he said to me, how long are you staying, and depending on my the FD training schedule he might come back to the park for a workout.  He also advised me to be very careful as I leave Park.  Don’t  go out on foot or walk to far on my own.  Pedestrian’s are “Open Season”.  I thought Open Season was a better F3 for this man of great character.  I pray that I or another PAX will have the opportunity to meet him in the future.


2 thoughts on “Fired Up In Las Vegas

  1. You’re crazy, I can’t believe that you found some guy to go along and then went through all the motions with just him. Kudos to you! There are many lessons here. I bet his version of the story is even funnier!

  2. As I sat here reading about a crazy dude I know in Vegas for the week I am thinking “Why don’t I do that?” Up comes someone I have told about F3 in the past. He is a new dad and also a college student like me. Right I have him in an EH and am trying to get him out there. The point is don’t say no for someone before you even ask. Don’t take their yes away from them by hiding the gift. Share the gift and let God work out the rest.

    Great work from a Highly Impactful Man, Uptown Girl!

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