Field of Screams

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.

Warm-o-rama “The bullpen”

50 SSH
20 Jumping Lunges
Grass pickers

Arm circles

15 Imperial Squat Walkers



“Batter up”

Ascending Ladder set 1-15

Box Jump, Incline Merkin, Dip, Derkin is one set. Proceed…


“The homerun”

We partnered up and Pax 1 did a MoM medley workout of their liking while Pax 2 did Broad Jump Burpees to 1st, Bear Crawl to 2nd, Crab to 3rd, Broad Jump Burpees to home…Flip flop



  1. The new Lehigh valley F3 site is up and running and back blast are back and hosted locally.
  2. Bogey is putting together a bulk order for F3 gear. To save on shipping, send him what you want and your size and he will place the order.

We prayed for the miracles that God delivers thru modern medicine. We prayed for Tree Hugger and McBeal as they embark on the incredible journey of starting their own business.


Chicken wisdom:

We drag ourselves to the Gloom with a mission to beat and build up our bodies but in return we strengthen our minds together. We leave better husbands, fathers, friends and leaders………… Steel Sharpens Steel


Demo – out