Failure and Regret


Temps in the low 40s and damp.

4 PAX posted to the Grill for our first post-anniversary workout.  The rest of the PAX must be still recovering.

The disclaimer was given and accepted.

Our thought for the day came from a quote that stood out to me from the recent on-line “Fight” devotional some the LV PAX were doing together — “A man’s greatest fear is failure, and his greatest pain is regret.”  We didn’t have too much failure during this workout and YHC can only hope that the missing PAX had a least some small pang of regret.  However, we had some good mumblechatter on this topic throughout the workout.

Warm-a-rama: mosey to tennis court; Arm Circles, Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Plank Jacks, Peter Parker, Motivators (5 to 1), High Knees, and Butt Kickers

The Thang:

Red Barchetta:

  • 100-yard dash/100 SSH; return to start and plank for the 6
  • 75-yard dash/75 Mountain Climbers; return to start and plank
  • 50-yard dash/50 LBC; return to start and plank
  • 25-yard dash/25 Merkins; return to start and plank
  • 10-yard dash/10 Burpee; return to start and plank (bonus: alligator crawl back to start)

Morning Call – all in push-up position; in turn each PAX counts off 5 pull-ups; others do push-up when called; continue holding push-up position until all have completed pull-ups

20 Imperial Walkers (IC)

20 Dips (IC)

Zombie Walk/mosey to band stand

People’s Chair


Mary: Dealer’s Choice — Mountain Climber/Pickle Pusher combo, 6 inches/American Hammer combo, Slow Freddie Mercuries, LBCs, Reverse Crunches, Partner assisted push-downs (straight and side to side), WWI 

COT: Prayers for wisdom as we juggle responsibilities with work and family