F3 VF IronPax Challenge Week 1

F3 Valley Forge @ the Blast Furnace
Saturday 09/07/2019

Conditions : 57 degrees and clear.  Sun rose exactly at 6:35 during warm-up which was a nice treat.  Cool and crisp weather, giving us a sense of the season to come.

Q : Spike
Pre-Ruck : 2
Bootcamp : 12

IronPax Challenge Week 1

Disclaimer was given, and the mission was re-spoken as a reminder of why we were out there.

– 10x arm circles IC
– 10x circle arms IC
– 10x Abe Vigodas
– 15x Grass Pickers IC
– 10x Sprinklers IC
– 20x Side Straddle Hops IC

Mosey to baseball diamond (about 0.3 miles) where YHC had measured off 10 yard increments with orange cones.

The Thang :

Elapsed Time Scoring
5 Rounds Each of :
– 3x – broad jump 10 yards
– 3x – 10 Burpees
– 3x – 10 Bonnie Blairs (count each leg)
– 3x – 10 Big Boi Situps
– Bearcrawl back 30 yards

For those of you counting, thats exactly 150 Bonnie Blairs, 150 Situps and 150 Burpees.  Each exercise was demonstrated for proper form.

The PAX encouraged each other all the way through the workout, as this was definitely grueling.

Results :
Boyant  25:11
Muffler  25:38
Tinker  27:29
Dial-Up 29:25
Trigger  30:08
Sassy  33:00
Winklevoss 31:24
Spike  34:10
Mark – FNG  36:51
Ringworm : 41:35

Extra lap around Reeves Park (0.5 miles) for those who finished early.

Count-o-rama : 12
Name-o-rama : Welcome FNG Sputnik!
FNGs : 1

Words of Wisdom :
“Be thankful for quality competitors who push you to your limit.”
– Michael Josephson

YHC reminded everyone about some studies that show that working out with someone else is better for your health, gives you better results, and leaves you feeling in a better mood.

Announcements : 
Most likely we will start next week’s Saturday workout at the High School track since we’ll need the 400m lap again.  Bring a coupon and a friend!

Ball of Man / Closing Prayer
Prayers those dealing with the hurricane in the south, and for those travelling.

Number of FNGs: 1

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