Easter Pre-Game

The boys posted for a workout sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter. Whether it was the sugar rush from the peeps and chocolate bunnies or giddy anticipation of the Easter bunny, the PAX was wound up for some butt kicking. Even a few FNGs wearily posted.
Arm circles, windmills, squats, plank jacks
Quarter mile mosey
The Thang
Parking lot shuffle; PAX shuffle across parking space lines and jog backwards until Q shouts an exercise for all to freeze and do 10 in cadence
Soccer field hill:
10 crab crakes – reverse crab walk up hill – 1 burpee at top of hill- jog down and repeat reducing crab cakes and increasing burpees
Wheel barrows – partner up go to the 50 yard line. Switch up partners to other side of field. SSHs to the 6
Mosey to pavilion, 10 jump touches of pavilion roof
Picnic table upright rows
Picnic table partner carry
Mosey to other pavilion for dips in cadence
Jump onto brick wall for 10 reps
Wagon wheel of pushups around dodge ball ring. PAX did 10 reps as each took turns counting. At end of 10 PAX rotated clockwise around ring.
Mosey over to jungle gym for max pull-ups and big boy sit ups
Quarter mile mosey back to shovel flag
Count-o-rama / Name-o-rama: 12 PAX including 3 FNGS
Announcements: various including successful launch of Fleetwood AO and next workout.