Dirty Hary 1.0

The weather was hot and miserable.  The VQ (Lucky Punk) mailed in this workout to YHC, something about a trip to New York he couldn’t reschedule.  Three PAX (Quadzilla, Boots, and YHC) showed at 0530 for a 3 mile Ruck up 10th Street Hill.  Some of us (YHC) walked with no sack, because of back pain, but regardless a 1 hour walk with 15 grade is a walk with serious consequences.

DISCLAIMER  – not professional, modify to your fitness level, you assume liability, state AYE

WARMARAMA –  mosey to the basketball court. on the way there we did a variation of agilities to loosen up the legs and back.  (Butt Kickers, High Knees, Shuffle, Karaoke, Arm Touch).  Circle up on the middle of the basketball court.  SSH, Orange Pickers, Alabama Ass Kickers, Monkey Humpers, Abe Vogoda, Peter Parkers, Good Form Push Ups.


Part 1 – Line up on the sideline and partner up.

Round 1  P1 – Wheel Barrow, P2 – Carry P1,  Flap Jack.

Round 2 – P1 Broken Wheel Barrow, P2 Carry P1, Flap Jack

Round 3 – Sideway Bear Crawl, Forward Bear Crawl, Other Side Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear

Round 4 – Broad Jump Burpees (aka Flying Squirrels) – over and back.

Part 2 – Mosey to the Theatre for Motivators 10 to 5, we couldn’t do the whole thing, that would have been too dirty.  Partner Up – P1 Step Up, P2 Dips.  Mosey to the Pavilion.  P1 Dead Hang, P2 Derkins.  Mosey Back to Theatre.  Balls to the Wall, Wall Sit, Australian Mountain Climbers.  Mosey Back to Pavilion.  P1 – Pull-up, P2 – 12 Burpees.

Mary – walk backwards towards shuffle flag, toy solider and mosey rest of the way to flag.  Short round of abs.  Flutter Kicks, Crunchy Frogs, LBCs, Freddie Mercury.

CoT – Pax all threw down a prayer request or praise.  Praying for Dr. Suess son Graham recovering from ammonia, Dial-ups wife giving blood, Drop Box, Long Haul, and Boots praying for children going through lots of life decisions like going on Mission Trips, College, and dating.  Neon praising the flux, as he is coming to the upside.  YHC praying for Caleb friend of Lucky Punk who lost his father and mother within the last 2 years.