We started out with a warm up of some arm circles forward and reverse 10 each, 10 Huggy Bear’s on your own, 10 grass Pickers in Cadence, 10 Abe Vigoda is in Cadence, 15 shoulder Taps In Cadence and 15 plank Jacks in Cadence. Then we went for a short Mosey.

For the main event….. We deconstructed motivators and did 10 to 1 starting with 10 motivators then 10 squats and a short jog or run and completed 10 push-ups with plank for the six

Then nine motivators, 9 squats, short-run and 9 push-ups with plank for the six.

We continue to do these two we got down to 1. Then another short mosey to the jungle gym.

As a jungle Jim we partnered up the first partner did 10 pulls while the second partner did Imperial walkers then 8 poles in Imperial Walkers than five poles and finished off the biceps with 10 rows on the swings. Panties short Mosey back to the shovel flag for a round of each man picking an exercise for Mary. Finished off with counter Rama name a rama and circle of trust.

I thank the Lord for all of you guys and F3!