CSPAN visits Lehigh Valley

Conditions humid, wet, 60 degrees, and perfect


Warm-up because I am #OLD…in cadence SSH, Squats, Seal Jacks, Wind Mills…all to 10 reps

Divide up with Bee Hive


Stop #1 20 dips, 20 dips left leg up, and 20 dips right leg up…bent arm hang to your max


Partner up = 3 rounds x 1 partner runs the other does max set of pull-ups…followed up 3 rounds x 1 partner runs the other does max set of swing crunches


Burpee broad jump sequence


3 rounds of PEOPLE-DONKEY-BALLS (peoples chair/donkey kicks/balls to wall)


Mucho Chesto = 10 reps of the following Americans = regular, stagger left, stagger right,wide arms, and 10 diamonds (on this Q we tried a littler harder and did this all in a hand release format = stupid)


ABLAB = lots of flutters, chop sticks, hello dollies, LBC, protractors, and many others


Catch up with Bee Hive men

COT / Prayer or Praise / BOM

Naked Man Moleskin

Thank you for the opportunity to Q

I gave a quick summary on meeting Uptown via telephone and how Mustard Seed was launched, and how F3Nation is amazed to see the success of @F3LehighValley

Lots of sermons during my Q today, F3 has made such an impact on my life that I really just want to share the “fun” of F3

We talked about 1st F and fitness, 2nd F and fellowship, and 3rd F and the faith component

We talked the blessings of a mixed group with both young and old men and how walking beside different men has more of an impact = young men race in front of us and pull us along and old men have seen the situation before and can provide wise counsel

I was here for a young man that I consider a good friend wedding, he is now a Philadelphia Police Officer, I was his youth hockey coach, he is an impressive young man living out his lifelong dream as a police officer, it was awesome to see and she is a beautiful bride with an impressive wedding

#ABH = always be headlocking and inviting new men to the workouts

Read Freed to Lead https://www.amazon.com/Freed-Lead-Unshackling-Modern-day-Warrior-ebook/dp/B00JJQB2Z8

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Be a better man today than you were yesterday,