Coupon Saturday

Saturday, June 1, 2019

I am so close not to writing this backblast, but I know the Spike from Valley Forge reads all of our backblasts for ideas.

0530 – 6 pax joined in the non-gloom for a 45 minute ruck up 10th street hill.  Awesome workout with 20lb sack on.

0630  – YHC took the Q with a few coupons in mind looking to make good on some OCR Spartan Training workouts that I’ve been incorporating into recent workout.   The coupons of choice today were a 55 lb bucket of rocks and two 55 lb dumb bells.

Disclaimer –  It’s free, we’re not professional, modify as necessary to include not doing the exercise, you assume all risk, say AYE!


Mosey .25 mile – SSH and Merkins

Mosey .25 mile – Abe Vagoda and Daisey Pickers

Mosey .25 mile – Mountain Climbers and Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey .25 mile – Squats and Burpees

The  Thang

Part 1

Single file line one guy carry the bucket and one guy carry the dumbells.  First guy drops back snaking through the end to carry bucket.  Bucket carrier goes to dumbbell carry, dumbbell carry goes to end of line after doing five burpees.  Well that would have probably worked better, but we did the best we can making two trips up and back for the firing range.

Part II

Motivators down from 10

Line up on the Basketball Court along the side-line.  Bucket at midcourt left side, dumbbells at midcourt right side.  One guy on each coupon walking around the court while guys on sideline do a series of exercises until coupons return to starting position.  (suicides, bear crawls, flying squirrels, wheel barrow, crab walk, side ways bear crawl)

Part III – Hanging Stations – Grip Work – 1 pull-up followed by 10 second dead hang x 3 is one set.  Groups of 3 to 4 guys rotate between pull-up bars, swings, and benches.


Return to shovel flag about a .25 mosey alternating guys carrying bucket and dumbbells.  Forward Lunges, backward lunges, etc.  On six for Flutters, Dolly, American Hammer, Supermans, Dora’s.

CoT –  Praises for the return health of family members, pregnant wives, pending marriages, return of Pax from the abyss and much love for FNGs that make our group new and exciting.




Number of FNGs: 1