Counting in Canadian

Mid-60s, Off-and-on rain, wet.

1st time Q and started with a fumble.  Forgot my prepped notes and workout at home.  Thankfully, the PAX were ready to jump in when I couldn’t remember the names and had to learn how to count. Appreciate the assistance in getting us rolling! Side-note: I am not Canadian but I play one at F3.  I do enjoy maple syrup and hockey.

Disclaimer given as we began with a mosey around the parking lot.

Warm-A Rama: 

IC: SSH, Abe Vigotas, Peter Parkers, Monkey Humpers

Then did some hamstring, quad and hip stretches – we were going to need it.

The Thang:

In the parking lot:

  • 40yds Bear Crawl – 5 merkins at end
  • 40yds Bear Crawl – 10 lunges at end
  • 40 yds Inch Worms – 5 merkins at end
  • 40 yds Inch Worms – 10 lunges

Moved Under the Pavilion:

  • Dips between picnic tables x 30, rest, x 20, rest, x 10
  • All PAX lined up along a row of picnic tables and setup for single leg bulgarian squats – 20 each leg
  • Single Leg Bulgarian Squats with barbell – While lined up, completed single leg bulgarian squat rep then passed the dumbell to the PAX next to you.  Down the line and back.
  • Borrowed from Mr. Brady’s backblast at the Trojan last week 6/13/19 – Individual sprint lap around picnic tables.  While each PAX is running, others complete burbees until all have completed lap.
  • Mosey lap around parking lot in rain to cool down


  • Dealers Choice: X’s and O’s, planks around the circle for 10 count each, american hammers, Balls to the wall for 10 count down the line of PAX

Count-o-rama and Name-a-rama


  • Sunshine’s wife and kids
  • Mani’s upcoming RV extravaganza to Florida with the family
  • Timmy Ho’s cousin now a single parent with young daughter, husband left


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