Cone Survivor

It was good to have Hoosier here for one more workout before heading home to see if his Boilermakers can withstand the mighty Cal State Fullerton tomorrow in the tournament.

Full disclaimer was covered by Uptown

Warmarama – abe vigado, ssh, arm circle, huggie bear, monkey humper, mt climber, peter parker, merkin

The Thang

Ladder with burpees jumping over a cone matched with other exercises moving through cones as a unit (confused? best I could do)

10 burpee – plankwalk over each cone and merkin in between; 9 burpee – 2xs same plankwalk/merkin; recovery run

8burpee- 3crab walk through cones; 7burpee – 4 shuffle; recovery run

6 burpee-5 hop over; 5 burpee – 6 bear crawl; recovery run

4burpee-7shuffle; 3burpee – 8hop over; recovery run

2burpee – 9bottle passes; 1burpee – plank in circle and passed cone 5xs around each way


COR; NOR; Thanksgiving and prayers for F3 establishing group in Hamburg and for Earhart’s father-in-law who just suffered a stroke.