Combined Q

After some confusion on the Q through Group Me.  I was a little unprepared.  Lucky I had 4 other PAX to help the cause.  Next time I will not disappoint and sign up through the Website!!!!  74 and very humid at the Bee Hive.

Warm-a-rama: Neck and Arm circles, Moroccan night clubs, Imperial walkers, Abe Vigodas, Grass pickers, Peter Parkers, Dry Docks and the greatest stretch! .5 mile mosey to the football field.

The Thang: 50 yards of Butt Kickers, Toy Soldiers, High Knee, Karaoke, with 25 yards bear claws and crap walks while doing dealer choice of ab exercises and upper body.  From there we mosey to pavilion to do a 7 rep degression lead by Capone.  Pull ups/Abs/Merkins/Squats.  Wow does that do the trick!  We followed that up with an Indian run with the last man doing 4 Merkins before sprinting back into line.

Cool down:Superman, Cab cakes, down wared dog, heals to heaven, American hammers followed by countarama, NameOrama, Circle of trust.

prayers for young pillars of the community, freedoms and our country!




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