Saturday, May 12, 2018
Our English word Calisthenics is derived from two Greek roots which we pronounce “kallos,” meaning beauty, and “sthenos” meaning strength. Considering how much calisthenics we do in F3, I thought that an appropriate theme for a workout would be coupling strength exercises with “beauty poses.” Here’s how it played out:
After a paraphrased disclaimer, warm-up activities included SSH, abe vigodas, grass pickers, moutain climbers, Peter Parkers, and various stretches.

Running included 10 “30-30-30’s”

The Thang: PAX partnered up. One was assigned to memorize 1 Peter 3:4 -the beauty verse, and the other partner was assigned to memorize Hebrews 12:12 – the strength verse. While the strength partner completeed his strength exercises, including reps of 25 Merkins, curls, squats, tricep presses, back rows, shoulder presses, Freddie Mercuries, half Superman, dips, and crabcakes; the beauty partner held poses for as long as it took his partner to complete each exercise. Beauty poses included: six inches, Al Gore, low plank, side plank, back plank, BTTW, people’s chair, straight arm hold one gallon water jugs in front, iron cross, and ballerina.

Partners switched after each paired-exercise, and memorized each other’s verses. PAX had enough time to repeat a few of the exercises, and by popular demand, run five more 30-30-30’s before NOR, COR, announcements, and BOM.
This was quickly followed by ingesting all of the burned calories at coffeteria which all PAX attended.