Burpee Pullups

Backblast for F3 Valley Forge from Saturday 08/24/2019
Q : Flipper / Gandalf (VQ) teamup
Conditions : 58 degrees, low humidity, amazing weather!

Disclaimer was given, and then warmup ensued by Gandalf which included :
– arm circles
– circle arms
– side straddle hops
– grass pickers
– abe vigodas
– windmills

The Thang (by Flipper) :
Consisted of 100 (partner) burpee-pullups.  Burpee into a pull-up bar.
The PAX groaned loudly when that was demonstrated.

1 partner did the burpee-pullup, while the other partner ran down to the other side of the park.  Then they flipped, counting up to 100 total.

Mosey to the park bandstand where we did partner dips / Bonnie Blairs:
– 1 partner did bonnie blairs while the other ran to the end of the row of bench seats and performed 15 dips
– partners switched until 150 Bonnie Blairs were completed.
– LBCs until the six was in.

Mosey back to the workout equipment where we did ascending merkin / air-presses :
– 1 merkin / 2 air-presses
– 2 merkins / 4 air presses
… all the way up to :
– 10 merkins / 20 air presses

Back to the grass for some 6MOM by Gandalf and Flipper team-up, which included :
– alternating “pointer” exercises (one arm out, alternating leg out, while on all 4s)
– supermans (alternating arm/leg)
– flutter kicks
– leg to knees (can’t remember what these are called!)
– hello dolly
– rosalitas

The PAX were pretty worn out at the end, which is a good thing!
Numberama : 20 !!
Welcome two FNGs : Koozie and Cosmo!

Announcements were given regarding upcoming events, ending with a VERY sweaty Ball of Man during the Circle of Trust.

Coffeteria afterwards was intended for Soltane’s but it was closed, so 6 PAX wandered over to Nudy’s in Phoenixville for a nice chat!

Number of FNGs: 2

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