“Building Up” 1/14/17 Lockridge Park, Alburtis, PA Backblast

“Building Up” F3 Workout                Jan 14, 2017

Welcome to F3 Lockridge Park. Circle low 5’s, Any FNGs?

Disclaimer: We are a Men Only, Free, Outdoor, Peer Led workout group. We Exercise at our own risk (please use caution), we are not professionals, We Modify any exercise as needed, we give our best, we do not leave anybody behind, and We End with a Circle of Trust. Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. We are F3!


Warmarama (near the shovel flag)

  • Chinooks                                      20 in cadence             arm circles above your head
  • Scissor jacks                                20 in cadence
  • Goofballs                                      20 in cadence             standing mountain climbers
  • Side lungers with arm curls        slow 5 down, hold, slow 5 count up for resistance
  • Hulk Hogans                                 15 squats to calf raises, slow on your own, hold squat
  • Happy feet …                                Our workout today is called “Building Up”.   We will be exercising around some old buildings, but we are also here to build each other up. “Aye?!” 

Mumble Chatter thought:

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

While we mosey (stick together) or if we are doing an exercise on our own: Share a goal or something you want to be accountable for. It could be something like “I will split 1 wheel barrow of firewood per week, or I will pray out loud with my wife for the first time”. Start with “Hoorah” everybody answers back “Hoorah”. Share. “Hoorah”. Everybody answer “Hoorah”. The hoorah’s signal that we hear you, we support you/ give permission to build each other up. Part of our Circle of Trust is the ability to trust each other enough to share our hearts. I will start us off: Hoorah! (Hoorah!) I will weigh 200 lbs by my 40th birthday. Hoorah! (Hoorah!)  

Mosey to the Rail Cars

  • Butt kickers                                  20 in cadence
  • Pendulum stretchers                   10 slow count left, right call, everybody up!
  • Salute the shovel flag
  • Incline merkins for our troops   22: down 1, down 2
  • Rail cars                                        partner up, on “Chug!”, start slow, faster, faster, slow it down, brakes on and hold

Mosey to in front of furnace (follow the trail)

  • Plank jacks                                   1 minute- timekeeper as many as you can
  • Side planks                                   1 min. each side time keeper, time to share
  • ABC’s                                             on your six, big letters
  • Column jumps                              30: up 1, up 2  (forgot to do these)

Mosey to barn ruins through arch tunnel, circle around grass areas

  • Figure 8 halleluiah’s                    shuffles arms up, sprint thru, shuffles arms up, sprint thru, imperial walkers for 6
  • Wagon wheels                             5 merkins at each edge, move the right
  • Circle up, LBC’s                            30 sec- timekeeper
  • Flutter kicks                                 30 sec- timekeeper

Mosey to wide ruins next to furnace

  • Recover, happy feet                    opportunity to share, thank you for praying me thru,
  • Tres amigos, up and back          it may be difficult to share but we have each others back
  • Bicycles                                         on your 6, one minute timekeeper

Mosey to triangle

  • All you gots                      3 at a time, 10 fingertip merkins, sprint to bridge, 10 finger tip merkins, sprint back to start, 10 fingertip merkins, sprint to bridge, hold halleluiah squat for 6, SSH’s while you wait to start
  • Coolerama                                                on your 6’s stretches, share
    • Counterama, namerama
      • FNG’s
      • Announcements, prayers, COT
  • Prayers for Dropbox- knee/ leg injury at work


  • We have each other’s back, will build each other up, and encourage one another with accountability.  These are the PAX and what I can remember for shout-outs shared:Colombia: health concerns, continuing education and new job search.
    Streaker:  the sound of the waterfall makes him have to pee.
    Xena: AFC sports, training for races.
    Cooter: to weigh 200 lbs by 40th, 10 down 10 to go.
    Sensei: will medal in the Spartan master series and give God the glory.
    Neon: will continue to read the Bible and be in prayer more- 15 minutes daily.
    Uptown: will be an Isagenix executive by August.
    Flame: will be a college graduate.