Three PAX posted to the Grill on this glorious June morning for mutual pain and encouragement.

The disclaimer was mentioned briefly but that was due to significant mumblechatter that was deemed more important at the time.

Mosey to the end of the street for warm-a-rama: Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Goofball, Grass Pickers, Carolina Dry Docks, Peter Parker

Mosey back to the shovel flag via the river trail with a stop at YHC’s truck to pick up a coupon – one concrete masonry unit (CMU) per PAX.

The Thang:
Flora 1-2-3: normally for this routine, we would partner up but with just three of us we each did a set of reps while the other two held the prescribed position. This resulted in twice the burn we would have otherwise.
1) While each in turn did sets of 10 Derkins off the CMU, the others held plank (not too bad); combined total of 120 Derkins
2) Each did sets of 20 LBC while holding their CMU on their chest; others held legs at six inches while holding their CMU up over their chests (burn baby burn); combined total of 210 LBCs
3) Each did sets of 30 Goblet Squats with their CMU; others held a squat position while holding their CMU (major burn!!!); combined total of 300 Goblet Squats

Recovery run around the field. Return to shovel flag

10 Blockees (Burpee with CMU – do Merkin on CMU, return to stand and press CMU overhead)
10 Elf on Shelf – on six with CMU at side, lift CMU high over body and set on the other side; return to original position for one rep.

Recovery run around the field.

Colt 45 – CMU curls; 15 reps from bottom to ½ way; 15 from ½ way to top; 15 full range

Mary: Dealer’s Choice – Freddie Mercury, Dolly, WWI, Under-leg Claps, Box Cutters

COT: Prayer to our Lord and God for wisdom, strength, and comfort as one of our PAX ministers to the family of his friend who committed suicide. We as men need to be connected in order to support one another as we go through storms of life. We do not have to bear burdens alone. Our own minds can be a downward spiraling trap without a caring brother to add perspective and speak life into another.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests, but each of you to the interests of others. Phil 2:3-4