Big Ben

We showed up a Salem Bible Church at 6:45 am, seeing the parking lot fill up quickly it was extremely exciting.  Wait, those were about 20 guys who came early to help set-up for the No Regrets Men’s Conference. The coldest workout in F3lehighvalley history.  Coming in at 17 degrees with 7 mph winds.

A heart felt welcome and disclosure was given by Neon.  Feeling the love and sharing the love as his world was turned upside down in a big way on Thursday morning around 2:30am.  His 3rd son (Big Ben) decided he could wait no longer and it was time to come into this world.  Big Ben was 6 weeks early; yet came in over 6lbs.  Ben not only came big, he came quick. 45 minutes from water break to delivery.  Neon was flying to the hospital and gets pulled over!  Text book.  No ticket, but no police escort either.

Flame took us out in a mosey to the center of the soccer field to get us moving.

Warmarama: IC Arm Circles, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, SSH, and maybe some more stuff.

The Thang:

Part 1 – 10 Bur-pees – sprint across field 10 Merkins Sprint on back.

Now it gets fuzzy here.  Go back and forth a couple of times, changing the excercises and counts until you are not as cold as when you started.  Use the hill for some clock merkin work.

Rise with a little run to the goal line. Lunges from one end to the other.  Plank until 6.

Part 2 –  Hill Work

Bear Crawl Forward Up – 5 Burpees, Bear Crawl Down Backwards – 1 Merkin
Bear Crawl Forward Up – 4 Burpees, Bear Crawl Down Backwards – 2 Merkin
Bear Crawl Forward Up – 3 Burpees, Bear Crawl Down Backwards – 3 Merkin
Bear Crawl Forward Up – 2 Burpees, Bear Crawl Down Backwards – 4 Merkin
Bear Crawl Forward Up – 1 Burpees, Bear Crawl Down Backwards – 5 Merkin

Crab Walk Backwards Up Hill – Crab Walk Backwards Down Hill

At Bottom of Hill – putt legs on incline of hill. Do 10 LBC’s.

Go up hill 2 feet, 10 lbc’s

Go up hill 2 more feet x 10 lbc’s

Go up hill 2 more feet 10 lbc’s

Once at top, turn around, leg raises 10, scoot down 2 feet. 10 raises, scoot 2, until we get to the bottom.

Rinse with a run to benches – 20 IC dips.

Part 3 – CSAUP preparation

Catepillar Push -Ups
Locking Arms Leg Elephant Trunk Walk
PAX Tunnel – Army Crawl
Locking Arms Single Line Lunges from Goal Line to Goal Line
10 Second Hang Pulls off the Goal Post
Fireman Carry / Piggy Back to Mid Field.  Switch and Come Back.

Counterama – 9

YHC took us out with the COT.

COT –  Thank God for stirring the hearts of two HIM’s that came into my life at the same time saying we need to do F3. Asked God to help us spread the seed of F3 today at the Men’s conference.  May the words we hear bring us closer in fellowship and transform all men from the inside out.