Bermuda Triangle

Beautiful morning, disclaimer accepted verbally.

Warm up: OYO – 5 reps, open the gate.  IC, 10-20 reps, imperial walkers, toy soldiers, side lunge, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, overhead claps, Moroccan sun gods, goof balls, Merkins, shoulder taps, Mayweathers, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers.

Running: 10 reps 30- 30-30s.

The Thang: Bermuda triangle: Station 1 -arms.  Station 2- Abs. Station 3- legs.  PAX rotate among the 3 stations positioned in the shape of a triangle every minute. Arms exercises with 2 x 15 lbs. dumbbells: back flys, chest flys, dumbbell swings, curls, shoulder press, triceps press, back rows, and skull crushers.  Abs exercises included: American hammers, crunchy frogs, WWI, Heals to heaven, crab cakes, wife pleasers, and half-superman. Legs exercises included: jump rope, squats, lunges, Bonnie Blairs, smurf jacks, and goof balls.

Catch me if you can: 4 rounds.  Round 1:  Partner A bear crawl while Partner B does 5 Burpees and then sprints to catch his partner.  When he catches his partner, they flapjack.  Round 2: Partner A crab walk, Partner B 10 crab cakes. Round 3: Partner A alligator crawl, Partner B 15 Merkins.  Round 4: Partner A bunny hop.  Partner B 15 squats.

COT: COR, NOR, announcements, prayer requests.

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