Be the Bacon


The Grill workout was moved to Blue Rocks Campground to accommodate a TBC’s men’s breakfast being held at the campground.

Conditions: slightly chilly lower 50s but sunny

The PAX met at the campground entrance.  The disclaimer was given and we moseyed up to the pavilion where others were busy preparing the breakfast.  The smell of bacon outdoors on a cool morning is awesome and reminded me of F3’s latest saying “Be the Bacon”.  In other words, be the kind of guy who is winsome and others enjoy being around.

Warm-a-rama: Moroccan Nightclubs, Abe Vigoda, Good Morning, Cotton Pickers, Imperial Walkers,  Slow to Fast Mountain Climbers, Motivators from 8 to 1

The Thang:

Mosey up the road to the bottom of the lower boulder field.  We then traversed the boulders up to the road (over 100 yards).  Ringworm and Apollo were way out in front, jumping from boulder to boulder like mountain goats.  The rest of us took a more cautious route.  We all made it to the top without twisted ankles or bruised knees.  Maybe we’ll do the full scramble on of these days…

Mosey back to the pavilion (~ 1/4 mile round trip)

Dora 1-2-3: Partner up; cumulative total of 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats; While P1 does exercise, P2 does Bernie Sanders (backward run) ~ 100 yards up hill and run back

A choice was given to the PAX to do another routine by the pavilion or go for a run.  The morning was beautiful and the campground has a great loop up the side of the mountain through the campground so the run was chosen.  We ran  the outside loop of the campground — ~ 1 mile.

Returned to the pavilion and wrapped up the workout 10 minutes early due to the preparations for breakfast.

COT: Reminders to “be the bacon”.  Thanksgiving for our blessings and prayers for the men.

We joined ~ 30 other men for a fine outdoor breakfast followed by a black smithing demonstration with another F3 theme — As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  Good fellowship.