Backblast from Tues 28th….Ring around the gazebo

We started out with a little bit of Memorial Day picnic  Recovery by doing a pick-your-own round of stretching including calf stretches, hamstring stretches, downward dog stretch, cobra, and a lower back stretch. Next the warm-up of sun gods in Cadence, grass Pickers, Abe Vigoda, plank jacks, and a Mosey,

The Thang we did stations around the Gazebo including step-ups with a bucket of rocks jump-ups decline merkins dips and and we did a snake run around the park back to the gazebo with 10 step ups with a bucket of rocks and Superman’s, incline merkins, swats, and v ups.  Indian run with last guy doing  5 merkins then catch up to the front. Round of Mary,  count o Rama,  name o Rama, circle of trust