Lee Hindenburg

Ten PAX attended the morning beatdown given by Flame. Lots of Mumblechatter this morning as we moseyed to a few pearls on the string for the warm-a-rama. Beautiful morning with no humidity would suite us well for this workout. Hindenburg BLIMPS 4 corners – Parking Lot. At each corner the exercise and reps prescribed is performed. … Continue reading Lee Hindenburg


Go to F3lehighValley.com/manniversary for all the details. Manniversary Sometimes God seems far away and invisible in your life. This morning was the opposite of that. The High Impact Men of F3 Lehigh Valley converged on the Allentown Rescue Mission for a Labor Day morning to remember. The purpose of this workout is to raise money … Continue reading MANNIVERSARY


Date: August 31st, 2017 Qic: Flame PAX: Drop Box, Luigi, Checkmate, Popeye, Buckeye, Thundercat, Uptown Girl, Flame On this glorious morning we are to attempt the 49er, which should be called the 343er ... you'll understand. Mosey 1/2 mile to the warm-o-rama location then: Moroccan night Club, Abe Vagoda, Monkey Humpers, Arm Cirlcles, Huggie Bears, … Continue reading 49er

Shirt orders

The shirt order is live! The order period last until September 4th.  Qic: Flame If you want to save on shipping give me your order before September 3rd and I will coordinate. I need to know your shirt type, size, color, and price. After orders are taken I will collect payment. You can see the … Continue reading Shirt orders

Oh, Beehive!

Workout Date: 08/19/17 Introduction: Surprised about this one since I thought I was Q-ing on 8/26, not 8/19. A reminder that we all need to be prepared and ready for action. Like the Minutemen of the American Revolutionary War. These guys were civilian colonists who independently organized to form well-prepared militia companies self-trained in weaponry, tactics, and … Continue reading Oh, Beehive!

Reluctant Beginnings – No Is Not Always No

AO:  The Canyon            QIC – Uptown Girl Another great day in Paradise! Your Humble Companion (YHC) arrived at the flag pole at 5:30 am.  Park is quieter on Saturday mornings.  I saw two guys standing on the stairway platform and figured I should see if they know about F3.  As I … Continue reading Reluctant Beginnings – No Is Not Always No

Pea Soup in Fleetwood

Workout Date: [08/15/17]   Arrived at The Pond to a landscape shrouded in heavy,  thick fog.  There was a bunch of running in the works for this workout and YHC was a bit concerned about visibility and navigating the early morning terrain.  The London-like conditions were not enough to scare away four of Fleetwood's hardiest PAX … Continue reading Pea Soup in Fleetwood

Spinal Tap

Workout Date: 08/10/17 Introduction: Since my F3 name is Rock Star and this was my first time as Q, I chose a rock 'n' roll theme using the most famous fake rock band in history as my inspiration, Spinal Tap. (A couple of the exercises, "11's", reference this famous scene from the movie: https://youtu.be/KOO5S4vxi0o ). But it's … Continue reading Spinal Tap

The Fountain: Breaking in the New AO

Workout Date: [08/14/17] Introduction: YHC arrived a full 30 min. early to get a feel for the lay of the land and scope out the new digs before his F3 brethren arrived.  The new site has a great ambience; the sound of falling water from the two fountains that are bookends to cobble-stoned meeting area along … Continue reading The Fountain: Breaking in the New AO

Bears….Bats…Battlestar Galactica!

Workout Date: [08/04/17] Introduction: Okay well there weren't many bats, and definitely no Battlestar Galactica, but there was plenty of Bear Crawls, Crawlbears and I love to use an Office reference whenever humanly possible. Another unseasonably cool August day in the early gloom of Fleetwood PA and four PAX showed up to better themselves and spur … Continue reading Bears….Bats…Battlestar Galactica!