And on the 2nd day…

Warm up:

mosey to the basketball court on the other side of the pool . SS HOPS, Arm Circles , Abe Vagotas, Grass pickers in cadence followed by Murkins, Mountain climbers, and  Peter Parker’s then moseyed back to the shovel flag.

The “ Thang”

Descending Burpees starting with 7 and Bear crawling 15 yards to don6 Burpees ( rinsed and repeated) til we got to 1 Burpee. Mosey to the rolling hill. 20 squats then run up the hills to the sidewalk 3 times.

Mosey to the other side of the pool to the playground partnered up in groups of three for some ( PPS- push-ups, pull ups and squats) one guy did 50 push-ups while his two teammates did squats and pull ups, when the push-ups were completed, they switched. We did two rounds.

moseyed to the shovel flag for some  dealers choice Mary. Finished with Countarama, NameOrama and Circle of trust.

Welcome: Alpine, Flow and  Forest to F3 Catasaqua aka “ The Ranch”

Number of FNGs: 3

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