Always Be EH’ing

So yesterday I decided I needed to run in my neighborhood early in the morning.  Along the way  I ran into THREE men who now became EH’d.  The funny thing about being part of F3 and a community of male leaders is remembering that your fear is about you and the mission is not about you.  Living 3rd takes on purpose action, so you never know at today’s workout we might have an FNG.

Disclosure given Mosey around the tree of life and back to pavilion parking lot. (Free, Always Men, Always Outdoors, Always unpaid volunteers, Always rotation-ally led by a guy in the workout, and we always end with a circle of trust.  We are always Not Professional’s Can’t Sew Us, Anything we say is just a suggestion. We don’t own anything, and its dark so watch where you are going. If you hear a term you don’t understand, look to the guy to your left or right and ask him to explain.

Warmarama – SSH, Sungods, Goofballs, Hillbillies, Air Squared, Monkey Humpers, Abe Vogada’s, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Dolly’s, Flutters, WWII

The Thang

Part 1- Suicide Burpees

Mosey to basketball court. Line up on the side-line.  Everyone in plank. On Q’s command “1 Burpee” sprint to other side of court and do 1 burpee and sprint back.  Hold plank until 6. Q repeats command up to 10 or until someone passes out.

Part 2 – Team Loop

Partner up and mosey around the tree of life loop again.  First round = Partner 1 sprints around the tree of life loop.  Partner 2 does LBC’s.  Team count equals 300.  Downward Dog until 6.  Second Round = Partner 1 sprints around the tree of life loop.  Partner 2 does Merkins.  Team Count equals 200.  Imperial Walkers until 6.  Third Round = Partner 1 sprints around tree of life.  Partner 2 does Burpees.  Team count equals 100.

Part 3 –  Bear Coming Down a Ladder (No Time)

60 sec Wall Squat + 20 yard Bear Crawal + 10 Merkins + 20 yard Crab Walk + 30 sec BTW. SSH-6

Bear comes down the ladder by repeating same series, but only doing 9 merkins, then 8 merkins. Repeat as many times as possible or until someone passes out.

Mary – No time

Announcements:  Fleetwood Launch, Men’s Breakfast afterwards

CoRama = 5    NoRama