Alphabet Soup

F3 Valley Forge @ Blast Furnace
Thursday 09/19/2019 @ 5:30am

Conditions : 47 degrees, dark, cloudless sky, lots of stars to behold!
Q : Spike
PAX : 4

Disclaimer was given, and special attention paid to “it is dark outside and we may do silly and dangerous things this morning,” to which Lowes asked if that was foreshadowing.   But of course!

Warmup :
– Arm Circles 20X IC
– Moroccan Night Clubs 20X IC
– Circle Arms 20X IC
– Daisy Pickers 15x IC
– Sprinklers 15x IC

Bataan Death March 1 lap around Reeves Park (0.5 miles) with the last PAX performing 5 merkins and then catching up to the rest.

The Thang : Alphabet Soup!
YHC had this vision of performing one exercise for every letter of the alphabet, but I didn’t realize how counting cadence for 26 exercises in a row really wears you out!

Regardless, the PAX performed 24 out of 26 of the exercises below, (the F3 Exicon is your friend!) as we ran out of time and didn’t perform Y or Z.

A Alternating Shoulder Taps (from merkin position, alternate shoulders) 20X
B Bobby Hurley (squat and slap the ground, then jump & raise arms in a jump shot) 20X
C Carolina Dry Docks 20X
D Dolly (6 inches off the ground, legs parallel) 20X
E E2K (right ankle over left knee, bring left elbow to right knee) (Oblique Crunches) 20X (10 each side)
F Failure to Launch ( Al Gore for 10 sec, lift-off into tuck-jump, return to Al Gore) 10X
G Gas Pump (on your six, hands on ground, legs straight out 6” then back to chest) 20X
H Hand Release Merkins 15X
I Imperial Walkers 20X
J James Bonds (6 position, legs 10” off ground, hold hands in front for 10 count) 30 seconds total
K Knerkin – Aka “Chuck Norris” Knuckle Merkins – 15X
L Low Country Crab (crab position, right hand to touch left foot, left to right foot) – 20X
M Mountain Goats (mountain climber with goat kick) – 15X
N No Surrender (standing, heads behind head, down on left knee, then right, then up) – 20X (10 each side)
O Outlaw (flutter kick position, legs together, make Os to right, then to left) – 20X
P Plank Jacks – 20X
Q Quadraphilia (4 minutes, run forward down the hill and backwards up, repeat)
R Rosalita (on back, 90 degree positions) – 20X
S Smurf Jacks (SSH in squat position) – 20X
T Tony Hawk Burpee (normal burpee when you jump, 360 spin in the air) – 5X
U Up Downs (high knees, on Q’s signal, hit the dirt, then bounce back up) – 4X
V V-Ups – 10X
W Werkin (wide arm merkin) – 15X
X X’s and O’s – 15X

Did not complete, but adding here for future reference :
Yurpee (Russian named Yuri developed Plyometrics) Burpee w/ clap merkin, 2 tuck jumps
Z Zig Zag Hops – over beam

YHC honestly had a tough time with this workout for some reason.  Perhaps the continual cadence counting, or just the fact that I’m out of shape!

Words of Wisdom :
“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” – Dr. Robert Schuller (American Televangelist, died 2015)
As the weather gets harsher and tougher, it’s time to brace yourself! The difficult times are simply temporary, but it is due to those tough and difficult times that you are stronger today. The best part is that you are now tougher today than you were yesterday! And more importantly, you got through it all. Celebrate your strength!

While Dr. Schuller probably never heard of F3, YHC thought this could be used in many aspects of life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Prayers for 2 of Boyant’s co-workers
Praise for Lowes’ son turning 10 today!

Announcements : 
F3 Valley Forge will perform IronPax Week 3 workout this Saturday ! Bring a coupon.

Closing Prayer

*snap*  Forgot to take a picture again.

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