A Weighted Midweek Workout

F3 Valley Forge @ The Blast Furnace
Thursday 09/05/2019
Conditions : 68 degrees, and surprisingly dry

Q : Tuck

6 PAX showed up in the gloom to get stronger during this beatdown



Mile Mosey, stopping every 1/4 mile for a stretch/exercise

SSH x15 IC

Grass Pickers x15 IC

Abe Vagodas x15 IC

Bonnie Blairs x10 IC

The Thang

A modified version of ‘The Will WOD’ from GoRuck

12 Rounds

10 Squats

10 Merkins

10 American Hammers

10 Raises/Press

One PAX had the weighted rucksack per round, and was tasked with leading the count. The remainders were given various ruck plates and other miscellaneous weights to complete the exercises. With 6 PAX, this led to two complete rotations for the bag.


Big Boy Situps x20 OYO

Dead Cockroaches x20 IC

Crunchie Frogs x20 IC

Flutter Kicks x30 IC




Welcome FNG Compass!

Number of FNGs: 1

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