A Trojan Mule

Disclaimer given,brief discussion about Troy,as for 45 minutes we are Trojan warriors.                                       Warmarama:SSH,Abe vigodas,grass pickers,imperial walkers,plank jacks, mountain climbers,sun God’s,neck rolls,trunk rolls.                   The Thang:Run was broken into 8 unequal parts with 8 rabbits leading the way,each stop had a short Beatdown lead by the sections rabbit,each beat down had a 12 second count for the turtle,me, to catch up and thee exercises of a 12 count,in rememberance of the fall of Troy in 1200 Bc.Mani brought us home to our mary.It ended precisely at 6:15…although slow,you have to admit I am not late.                                  Numarama,8 posts, namarama, Uptown remembered how old he is!, Prayers and praises,Cot Thanksgiving for our community at large with f3 being the icing on the cake from Uptown, thanks for Cougars daughter socker goal and her joy, thanks for Timmy Ho’s safe trip, prayers for my brother in law and sister in law,also a prayer led by Flame for the First responders and everyone involved in the incident we heard in our workout.I closed with a recap and thanks and gratitude for the lives we are leading in this great country.It was a privilege to Q gents on this  beautiful morning…winter is coming,LH

Number of FNGs: Zero

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