A Little Taste of the South

7 Pax strong for the Inaugural Thursday morning Beatdown at the Blast Furnace! Having just moved to the area from Georgia where I’ve lived my entire life, I thought it was only right to give the PAX a musical taste of Georgia for my first Q above the Mason Dixon line!

As Hops grabbed a flying EH (welcome FNG Sandler!) before the workout, anticipation was building as the other PAX began to gather. Winklevoss and Boyant came in hot right before the start and we were off with a brief disclaimer and then Warm-a-rama featuring:




Mountain Climbers

All warmed up now and ready to mosey over to the stage where the PAX discovered I had “stolen” my kids Step 2 chalkboard/whiteboard/easel (I explained how I spent all my money moving up here thus used the resources already available to me instead of going out and buying a white board!)

On said kid’s whiteboard was written the following exercises:


Monkey Humpers

Plank Jacks

Partner Shrugs (an exercise I created now found on the Exicon which is basically just a shoulder shrug using your partners legs while they are planking as the weight)

Partner Shurgs (partners flapjack)




Box Jumps

After a brief explanation and partnering up, the PAX began their musical journey to the south. During each song, partners took turns between one doing the exercise while the other mosey to the statue and back. At each song change, the PAX moved on to the next exercise.

Playlist was as follows:

The Devil Went Down to Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band

Ramblin’ Man – Allman Brothers Band

Chattahoochee – Alan Jackson

Georgia on My Mind – Ray Charles

God’s Country – Blake Shelton

Meet in the Middle – Diamond Rio

Midnight Train to Georgia – Gladys Night

Watermelon Crawl – Tracy Byrd

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band

A slight modification to the plan was made after the first round of shrugs since Partner shrugging through an entire song was nearly impossible and the PAX ended up shrugging till muscle failure then switching throughout the song. The 2nd round of partner shrugs was then moved down to the final spot in the workout, since Chicken Fried was too good of a song to miss out on.

Having completed their musical tour, we had a few minutes left for some Mary which included:

Flutter Kicks

Low Dolly

Freddy Mercury

Back to the flag for Name-a-rama and COT

Name-a-rama: We welcomed FNG Sandler this morning. Sandler made several trips to his car to get water during the beatdown, so Water Boy was thrown out as a possibility. His first name is Adam so Sandler was suggested to bring it all together and it stuck!

COT: Prayers for Sandler as he navigates personal struggles.

Blast Furnace will be CLOSED next Thursday for the July 4th CSAUP event in Philly. Those interested in attending should coordinate a clown car down to the city.

If you are not on Slack get signed up, because you are missing out!

Naked Man Mole Skin: I really appreciate how you guys have welcomed me into the fold and allowed/encouraged the new guy in town to jump right in and take the Q. Pleasure leading you guys and happy to call you brothers!


Number of FNGs: 1