“Two are better than one because they have good reward for their efforts. For if either falls, his companion can lift him up, but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.

That verse was put into action today…

YHC started off the day like any other pre-workout. Before I left my house I prayed that God would use the workout to encourage and build up the men who posted. I didn’t expect I’d be the specific recipient.

5 PAX posted. Temperature was in the low to mid 30’s with a breeze but sunny. The disclaimer was given including a reminder to modify up to an including not even doing the exercise (I should have paid more attention to that…)

In good F3-fashion, today’s workout was “stolen/borrowed/adapted” from a workout Mr. Brady Q’ed a week or so ago. I did it and enjoyed it…I should be able to Q it without any trouble…nope.

Mosey to basketball court

Warm-a-rama: SSH, Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Hillbillies, Grass Pickers, Peter Parker, Plank Jack

  • Center circle – circle up to do Merkins and move clockwise around circle; reverse
  • Line up at end of court; do 1 4X4 (standing to plank, 4 merkins/4 mountain climbers), lunge walk ½ way, do 2 4X4s, lunge walk to end, 3 4X4

Day’s Thought: The PAX were divided into two teams and each team given one of the following verses to memorize by the end of the workout. I didn’t expect immediate application.

  • “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11
  • “We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.” Romans 15:2

Mosey to car to pick up coupons (2 bricks each)

The Thang:

Mosey to field

1 team does stationary exercise, the other travels across field (~ 100 yards) with bricks and back; flapjack

  1. Overhead claps with coupons/ wind sprint across field and mosey back
  2. Merkin with rows/ backward run across field; sprint back
  3. Squat with overhead press/ Bear crawl ½ way; sprint
  4. Lunge with lat raise/ jog across; sprint back
  5. Punches and shuffle/ Side shuffle across; sprint back
  6. Curls/ Side shuffle across; sprint back

So, this is where things began to fall apart. By the 4th round I began to lose steam and was lagging behind. By #5 I dropped my bricks and barely made it back.

At this point I decided we (I) needed a break from the sprints so we did 10 Imperial Walkers (IC). By now I hit a wall. I vaguely remember telling the PAX to mosey to the playground for pull-ups, step ups, and dips. I trailed behind but made it to the pavilion and then proceeded to totally lose it.

PAX: “Beaker, are you OK?” “Lay down on the bench” Lifted my legs up. I was in a fog going in and out of being able to focus or see or verbalize.

Wichita: “We’re calling the ambulance”

Beaker: “No, I’ll be alright; really, let me sit up”

Wichita: “Dude, it’s too late, Ditto already called and they’re on their way”

Teardrop: “Lie still, keep you legs up; you are slurring and fading in and out”

Ditto: “He looks catatonic”

Beaker: “I’m fine; really; I’ll be OK”

EMTs arrived and proceed to evaluate and take my blood pressure – 99/45. OK, that is even a bit low for me. They wouldn’t let me sit or stand up. Ugh. Got a stretcher, loaded me on and hauled me off to the ambulance for further evaluation. This was my first experience inside an ambulance. Lots of questions, EKG, more blood pressure monitoring, tested my blood sugar. At this point, everything was coming back to normal (relatively). They warned me if my blood pressure dropped when I sat up and then stood up they were definitely taking me to the hospital. I tried to will my blood pressure to stabilize. I did NOT want a trip to the ER. Fortunately, it was OK (still low but within normal parameters).

They called the hospital doctor to get his take. EMT: “the guy is a hard-core runner. His buddies are here and will take him home”. Well I never considered myself a hard-core runner but I guess it is all relative. The EMTs were trying to make sense of why 5 grown men were running around the park on a cold morning…with bricks.

Fortunately, the doctor agreed and I was released.

At this point, Mr. Clean pulled a Starsky and texted “Where are my F3 brothers? I just stopped by Four Twelve for my favorite part of the workout!”

Teardrop texted back “on our way; there is a story”

The coffee tasted better than usual.

So, a couple of reflections on this eventful workout:

  • First, I had no doubt my brothers had my back. I was in very good hands, despite myself arguing with them about the ambulance. They had me covered. Two (or more) are definitely better than one.
  • Second, being in an ambulance makes one a bit philosophical. I work out in order to stay fit. However, things happen and our days are numbered. Even very fit guys succumb to their mortality. I don’t mean to be morbid but I was reminded of my mortality. And it is OK. I hope to stay fit and healthy until the day I die. This may seem like an oxymoron but I’m serious. I try to take care of my body so it is useful for whatever the good Lord has for me to do. But, if and when it gives out I’m ready to go home. My goal is not to cheat death and live indefinitely. I shudder at that. I just want to live the life God intended for me by his grace and then look forward to being free of the trials of this world.
  • Third, I promised my M I’ll follow up with my doctor.

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  1. And this is why we Back Blast! Life is short. Great reflection brother. You are doing a great work running the race God intended. He will see to it your work is complete before bringing you home. It is an honor to be by your side several days a week. -uptown

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