7 of diamonds

Beautiful Saturday morning mid-40’s and ready to roll

Warm-A-Rama:  jog over to end of park – grass pickers, best stretch ever, calf stretches, head & hip rolls, mountain climbers, misc.

The Thang:  jog and carioca approx. 1/4 mile around block over to baseball diamond for a 7 of diamond (7 round work down).

Round one: 7 merkins @each base – jog between bases; Round two: 14 burpees @ each base (sorry guys – should have switched burpees to round one) – carioca between bases; Round three: 21 smurf jacks @ each base – backwards run between bases; Round four: 28 squats at each bases – bear crawl between bases; Round five: 21 star jacks @ each bases – run backwards between bases; Round six: 14 merkins at each bases – carioca between bases; Round seven: 7 burpees at each base – sprint between bases to finish.

Warm down 1/4 mile run around block back to band stand for Mary’s: 15 flutter kicks, 6″ hold for 3 20 counts, 12 hammer rolls in cadence. A tough day’s work from a rookie Que

COT: prayer for adult children





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