44 Special

Saturday, September 7, 2019 happens to be the birth of F3 Catasauqua (The Ranch) and the 44th birthday of YHC.  Dropbox picked a beautiful park and day to start this AO.  While I had hoped to have Lucky Punk with me this morning and pushing the envelope to get to the workout before 0630, it was energizing to come down the hill and see a dozen guys circled up in the gloom in high anticipation of what was to come.  In the end we had 16 HIMs join this inaugural workout and 3 FNG’s.  WOW!!!!

Disclaimer – I am not a professional, anything I say is a suggestion, modify to your fitness level to include not doing the exercise, F3 doesn’t own anything, F3 is not liable, you accept all risks by stating AYE!


Circle Up:  SSH, Mountain Climbers, Abe Vogoda’s, Marvel Man’s, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Goof Balls, Crab Cakes.  Mosey to the band stand.  Stage Step-ups, Derkins, Dips, Half Australian Mountain Climbers.

The Thang

Part 1 –  Week 0 Iron Pax Challenge  (Two Rounds – 22 reps each exercise each round = 44)

  • Merkins, Squats, Lunge Walk, and .22 mile run up hill and circle back to start.

SSH for Six

  • Merkins, Squats, Lunge Walk, and .22 mile nur up hill and circle back to start.

Plank for Six

Part 2 – Week 1 Iron Pax Challenge (Killer Bee’s with 44 Rep Count)

Mosey to the basketball courts.  Start on Base line of 1st court and perform killer B’s across both courts.

Bunny Hop Mid Court Line, 11 Burpees, 11 Big Boy, 11 Bonnie Blair, and Bear Crawl to other Base Line.

Walk to the next court 5 yards away and repeat.  Rinse and repeat. Total 44 of each exercise.

Part 3 – Jacob’s 44 Ladder (11 x 4 rounds)

  1. One Dip – Bear Crawl Up Hill – 10 Crab Cakes, Crab Cake Down Hill
  2. Two Dips – Bear Crawl Up Hill – 9 Crab Cakes, Crab Cake Down Hill
  3. Three Dips – Bear Crawl Up Hill – 8 Crab Cakes, Crab Cake Down Hill
  4. Four Dips – Bear Crawl Up Hill – 7 Crab Cakes, Crab Cake Down Hill


Mosey back to the shovel flag for the as many rounds of the Super 21 that can be done in remaining time.

20 Merkins and 1 Crunch

19 Merkins and 2 Crunches

Lots of groaning and complaing and PAX offering different variations of Merkins (Diamond, Shoulder Taps,) and Sit-ups (Flutters, Dolly, etc.)

I think we made it to 12!


NoRama = 3 FNG’s: Condemned, Iron man, and IceT

Prayers for injured PAX, Mani’s co-worker who could be acceptable donor for liver transplant, and for Drop Box as he leads the charge in Catasaqaua with F3, give him success and continued growth of F3 Catty as they impact the community and accelerate Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

Number of FNGs: 3

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